Welcome to ChurnLabs!

ChurnLabs is a project I’ve wanted to start for several years now, starting when the first generation of iPhones came about. Wanting to find ways to extend the life of my own Apple devices, I also decided to do what I could to help others get more longevity out of theirs. At ChurnLabs, we hope that our products save you money on your iPhones and prevent those annoying shutdowns that sometimes happen when your phone still displays a 30% charge.

Finding a Solution to Dying Batteries

I found that it was ultimately unnecessary to shell out hundreds of dollars on a new iPhone battery—or an entire phone—when there were clearly ways to extend battery life and save money in the long run. What I wanted to do was create a device that costs much less than a new phone while also keeping my phone from shutting off unexpectedly as the battery dies. I eventually came up with the ChurnLabs Battery Case that allows iPhone users to experience longer battery life, with a visually appealing design and without the expected weight of a battery. The case is superficially no different from a regular iPhone case, but it provides your device with more use than any case you’ll find at an Apple store.

ChurnLabs works to accomplish what other companies won’t in giving your iPhones more life while remaining cost-effective and physically unobtrusive. Our battery cases are lightweight and come in a variety of color options that match your individual style, and we also ship globally within 10-15 days of payment. With our dedication to quality customer service and satisfaction, we hope that ChurnLabs eventually develops into an industry leader.

Thanks for All the Help

I have to thank Raymond for the sleek graphics and overall impressive visual presentation, and thanks to the web designers at OneIMS in Chicago for the general website layout design. ChurnLabs wouldn’t have a chance at succeeding if it wasn’t for the expertise I’ve had backing it. What was once simply a small dream of mine has since evolved into a full-fledged reality, and I’ll work to ensure that every one of our customers is pleased with our products and service.

You can find OneIMS on Facebook or check out their Pinterest page!


5 Ways to Save iPhone Battery Life

Regardless of whether you have an iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, or any other model, there are many ways to extend the battery life of your device. From closing apps to simply turning your phone off when it’s unneeded, here are some of the easiest ways to save your battery.

Use Auto-Brightness


iPhones don’t require you to change your backlight’s brightness every time you’re in a different location. In the Settings app, simply go to “Wallpapers & Brightness” and turn on auto-brightness to allow your phone’s backlight to automatically adjust depending on the brightness of a room.

This option also keeps your phone from getting any brighter than it needs to get in even the darkest locations. You can also adjust the brightness manually if you want full control.

Turn off Wi-Fi and 3G/4G


When you don’t need them and you aren’t in a location that has any available connection, turn off both your Wi-Fi and 3G/4G via the Settings app. Even if you’re not using Wi-Fi, your phone will use up battery power when searching for hotspots, and both 3G and 4G will also waste battery if you don’t need them for high-quality calls or faster data speeds. Find Wi-Fi options in Settings à Wi-Fi, and 3G/4G options in Settings à Cellular.

Don’t Run More Than One App at a Time

You may wish to listen to music on your music apps in the background while browsing the Internet simultaneously, but you should only run one app at a time if you want to save more battery power. Naturally, running two or more apps at once will drain your battery more, but they also may be more likely to crash if you overwork your iPhone.

Reduce Background Motion


One neat feature in the iOS 7 is the addition of Background Motion, which is a parallax effect option that causes your app icons and background image to move independently of each other when your phone physically moves, making it appear as though the icons are sliding slightly over the image. As cool as this feature may be, it’s also a battery killer.

Unless you feel it still adds to your experience as a user, you can turn it off in the Settings app. You can find it in Settings à General à Accessibility à Reduce Motion.

Turn Off Your iPhone

If you don’t need your phone at the moment, turn your phone off to conserve more battery power. You might feel like putting it on vibrate temporarily, but this actually drains the battery more because physically vibrating the device requires more power than a simple ringtone.

Hold the sleep button at the top of the device to switch it off and hold it again to turn it back on, which doesn’t normally take much time.